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The queen of twerking is here, you may know Zoie as the former Twitch streamer that got banned for her sexual content, after massing over thousands of views on her channel.

But Zoie did not let her Twitch ban ruin her fame, she is still gathering thousands of followers on other platform such as Snapchat, and its growing daily.

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Want to see why Zoie was banned in the first place? Her videos and pictures that she posts on Snapchat will give you an idea.

Screenshot the code below to add Zoie Burgher’s Snapchat username.

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Zoie Burgher’s Nudes

If you are already a follower of Zoie, you will know that she has a Patreon account and on that account she sells her nude pictures and videos for a small fee.

As well as buying her nudes, she also gets naked on live streams once she reaches her “goal” which most of the times require her viewers to tip her.

On websites such as pornhub.com you can find many dirty videos including Zoie Burgher’s sex tape.

Zoie Burgher nude on Snapchat

Zoie Burgher Twerking

Another reason that people love Zoie, is because she is one hell of a “twerker” and loves shaking her ass on camera for people to watch.

This is the main reason Zoie was banned from Twitch, because she was twerking very sexually, which ended up in a lot of people reporting her.

Here is a twerk compilation that a fan has made.

Social Media

Zoie managed to get over 1 million subscribers on her YouTube channel is just under 1 month.

She has over 1000 thousand followers on Twitter and Instagram combined.

her Snapchat stories are viewed over 200 thousand times.


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