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This Asian beauty first started porn videos in 2012, and has quickly grown a big name for herself. She is huge on camera and on social media, so add Venus Lux Snapchat username now and check what she’s all about.

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Venus is another tgirl pornstar that likes to post on social media with her new content and keep her fans and followers happy.

She seems to like to listen to what her fans have to say by posting polls for her new videos, sex toys and just about anything else she wants opinions on.

Snapchat is by far the most used social media platform by Venus, so go ahead and screenshot this code to add Venus Lux Snapchat Username

TS Venus Lux Snapchat Username


Venus Lux Videos and Movies

Lux has performed in a lot of videos and movies during her career in the adult industry, she can play a sweet and innocent girl, or a brutal mistress, which is truly satisfying.

She has filmed over 50 pornographic movies for some of the top names in the shemale industry including Evil Angel and Kink.

If you are a fan of Netflix, you may have watched the documentary called “After Porn Ends 2″ which stars this asian shemale beauty.

Venus is mainly famous for her scenes that she has shot with Tsseduction where she plays a dominate roll and always takes control to humiliate a male.

If you are just hearing about Venus Lux, you should check out her social media to see what type of content she has to offer, as she is a frequent poster, especially on Twitter

Venus Lux Movies

Venus Lux Solo

Watching Venux Lux perform a solo act, especially in HD, is just pure heaven.

This Asian hottie never holds back when it comes to performing, she likes all her content to be in HD to give her viewers and fans what they want to see.

There is no shortage of solo clips by Venus Lux, so finding some online shouldnt be too hard, but if you do have trouble finding some, check out her official website or her social media.

She is also a frequent poster on Snapchat, posting her videos and when she seems to be horny, she always turns to Snapchat so make sure to add her username.

Venus Lux Videos

Venus Lux Biography

Venus Lux is a transsexual porn actress that has managed to get a huge name for herself throughout her career.

This 27-year-old was born and raised in California and comes from Chinese and Mongolian descent.

Venus started her transition from male-to-female by taking hormone replacement therapy in 2009, shortly after she started having boob jobs.

Before Venus started performing in adult movies and videos, she worked as a bartender, tgirl stripper and sexual escort work.

One of Venus Lux first on camera videos was for TSPussyHunters after a talent scout from Kink contacted her, she performed a long side fellow adult actress Kaylee Hilton.

Venus also owns her own studio where she directs and produces her own movies, the studio is called Venus Lux Entertainment.

During Lux’s career she has been nominated for a total of 23 awards for her roles in adult videos and movies, in which she won 9 of them including Best Transsexual Scene in 2015, and her latest one Transsexual Performer of the Year in 2015.

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