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If you have a love for shemales, and the pleasure they can bring to your life, then no doubt you may have heard the name Tara Emory.

She is very unique with how she looks, she loves to dress up for the camera and her social media.

Her outfits range for dominatrix type of uniform, to a real life doll, and with all the plastic surgery has had, she pulls off looking like a doll really good.

Besides her cloth making profession, she is also a hardcore shemale pornstar and has shot many types of different scenes, you can see her all over the big porn streaming sites or on her official website.

In her spare time, other than creating outfits, she likes to do graphic design and make up.

It’s no lie that Tara Emory is very creative both on and off camera.

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You can add Tara Emory Snapchat username if you would like to see her dressed up, which she always posts on a daily occurence, or if you want to see her sexy body in action.

Her snapchat is can be added my scanning this code:

Screenshot and add Tara Emory on Snapchat


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