Amber Rose

Amber Rose is one of the biggest social media stars of our time.

She has amassed over 20 million followers on Snapchat and millions of dollars from her very successful modeling career.

Before marrying one of the biggest rappers, Wiz Khalifa, she was a stripper.

In a recent interview Amber opened up about her time as a stripper and she admitted that she might have enjoyed it a little too much. She’s a freaky one!

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Amber is the internet’s Queen of Twerking, that he has made millions of dollars from her curves because we can’t stop looking at her.

The signature shaved head, tattooed arms, and giant ass look is something that we will never forget.

Add Amber Rose Snapchat Username to watch her twerk all day long in her underwear.

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Sexy Amber Rose as a Stripper

Being a stripper is a difficult job for some but Amber took it like a champ. She got up on stage and showed the audience what she was made of.

She wasn’t afraid to shake her ass in front of people as long as it meant she was getting paid good money.

amber rose bush amber rose in heels amber rose nude

Amber Rose on Social Media

Many of you might be interested in learning more about Amber so you can follow her on both Instagram and Twitter where she posts more sexy pictures and videos, as well as other events from her daily life.



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